I found myself taking beautiful pictures this past fall for my clients, and none of our own family!  God has blessed this growing photography business and we’re trying to figure out the balance.  I don’t want to be so wrapped up in business pictures that I don’t feel like taking pictures of my own kids:)

I picked Emma & JC up early from daycare for some playtime and dinner,

121023_EmmaJCPlay_041 121023_EmmaJCPlay_050


Perfectly gorgeous light


121023_EmmaJCPlay_086   121023_EmmaJCPlay_088 121023_EmmaJCPlay_089 121023_EmmaJCPlay_095

They found a neighbor with a lot of leaves (we don’t have anymore) and asked to rake


so they could jump in, I’m not sure Emma & JC have ever done this before:)


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