Friday night crop was fun, I only got 8 pages done but I was pretty happy with all of them.  I’m guessing I’m about 99% done with 2007, and 60% done with 2005 and then I’ll be caught up to 2008!  I won’t know what to do with myself.  I added two sites to my blogroll that I just learned about and LOVE for sketches, they are pencil lines & page maps–check them out.  p3025894.jpg
 Saturday: in the morning Mari & I went to our first Mom to Mom sale of the season, it was a good one but about half way through I started feeling a bit sick to my stomach, you know that I finished though! I got some bargains and left.  By 4pm I felt really bad-fever, aches, etc.  Kelly was kind enough to take the kids out for dinner. As I was watching him (from my vantage point on the couch) I was thinking about how he’d have to be on his deathbed for me to want to take these three children out to dinner by myself, in fact I don’t think I ever have.  He doesn’t seem to mind it though.  By 5:30, I was so cold I was laying on the couch with 3 layers, 2 blankets, 1 scarf and a winter hat!  Mari (my sweet Mari) prayed for me to feel better before she went to bed.  God graciously decided to say yes to her request & healed me quickly because although I didn’t sleep well, the fever and stomach ache were gone by morning. 

Sunday: Mari read Ezra a book (isn’t this a sweet picture) and Tobin wanted a bit more breakfast so decided to go ahead & eat Mari & Ezra’s leftovers!  After church Mari & I ran to the drugstore to pickup a few needed things and then to McDonalds to get Kelly a coffee–it was there that I spotted it, Shamrock shakes are here, I pretty much can’t pass these up!  I rested some more on the couch and then by mid afternoon I was so restless from too much laying around and gathered up a bunch of stuff to freecycle.

p3025889.jpg   p3025893.jpg


I know that people named Jennifer, Sarah, kim, Sandy, etc. meet people all the time with their name, but I never have! This is the first . . . thanks for commenting. We actually have a lot in common too! I love scrapbooking, am a mom, make my kids healthy green smoothies, love bargains (haven’t done freecycle, but want to start). Anyway, good to “meet” you throught the good old internet!

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