This was taken on his birthday, the problem is, now 3 months later, it’s hard for me to write about his likes, favorites & milestones-that makes me sad and pretty mad at myself, but as mothers we make plenty of mistakes, but Tobin still thinks i’m a rock star anyway:)

120918_TobinBirthday_038 120918_TobinBirthday_043

So, a few things I can remember–he’s obsessed with Super Mario (and I HATE it), he can’t get enough screen time (and I HATE that too), he’s trying to keep up with Ezra more and more, he has transitioned into 1st grade all day very easily so far (that changed a bit later), he loves to swim and got quite good over the summer-swim team next summer for sure, his favorite color was blue, he can ride his bike without training wheels, he wants to play soccer for the first time, moves at his own pace-that means sometimes fast and often slow, he off & on wants his hair short like Ezra but I distract him because I don’t want to cut those curls off (his teacher has curls so right now he likes them:), he has a lot of action on his throws, the aim is a bit off but the velocity is pretty amazing, he loves Jesus and is growing amazingly in his walk with our LORD (this I LOVE), he is a great kid and I find myself looking at him sometimes so thankful that God decided we were to have him and how our family just wouldn’t be complete without him:)



The beautiful blue eyes with his blue shirt are stunning. What a handsome, fun, wonderful sweet 6 year old you have. Caleb turns 12 in a couple weeks…can’t believe my “baby” will be a teenager in one year! The years fly swiftly by.

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