I actually thought I blogged about this already, but sadly no:(, funny thing though is that it is already completed in his birthday scrapbook!

Tobin is quite obsessed with Super Mario (and no, I don’t like it at all!), despite our strict limit setting of screen time, he seems to be thinking about it all the time.  I’ve never done character themed birthdays, kind of like I don’t like characters on my kids clothing-I figure, why should I pay for their advertising.  Anyway, we indulged him a bit, and made these “1 up” mini cupcakes-that’s it, no decorations or napkins or plates but he was happy as a clam with these, he seemed to rake in the Mario gifts though.  Good message for us parents-we don’t need to go overboard to brighten our kids days!


Issy hung out with us all day.  Trish & Noelle came with Mom & Dad (sorry Mom & Dad, not sure how I didn’t get a picture with you!)120915_TobinBirthdayParty_033



Trish got him a super soft Mario blanket



Grandma & Grandpa got him a new Wii game


Grandma helping put his Mario cart together, I figure why not get him something non-virtual to play with-maybe that will fade his screen obsession



I love this picture of us:)



super cute cupcakes! And I love the pic of you and Tobin too…with your matching curls…he’s def. your son! Miss you guys!

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