We were right under the wire withTobin day, just 3 days before school started, he decided he wanted it to be on a Saturday so Daddy could be with us, we think mainly because he had spotted a Mario game at a used store for a $1 that he knew I wouldn’t buy.  He had been planning this for weeks and had his $1 ready;)

Also on his list were going to Caleb’s house without Mari (Caleb is Issy’s older brother and he likes to play Super Mario Kart with him-he’s done it twice and now he thinks he needs to go over there every day!), playing Wii, Little Caesers for lunch and the pool.



I forgot my camera for the pool, this this was taken with Kelly’s phone:(


And, then I forgot it again for the restaurant!  He wanted to go someplace to get a hamburger so we talked him into Red Robin (instead of McDonalds), the funny thing is he ate his hamburger, fries, and then still wanted more.  Issy was with us and he ended up eating all her leftover spaghetti!


Another fun day, and a great summer tradition in just before school was to start.

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