We had been trying to plan a trip to Cedar Point all summer, one of my most favorite places!  We had finally made plans to go the Friday before Labor Day Weekend when my neighbor Mary asked if we wanted to go with her earlier in the week.  Hmmm, a Wednesday with a high of 74 degrees predicted or a Friday that was supposed to be 94 degrees!  Even though I really wanted Kelly to go with us this year, we decided to go with Mary and her 2 kids (they are they same ages as Tobin & Ezra).

It worked out well because Mary wasn’t interested in riding anything so she was happy to take the 4 younger kids so Marian & I could hit the big ones.  Marian is officially a coaster lover just like me:)  We finally worked up the nerve to ride the Dragster and they had it closed down the rest of the evening:(  Next year, we’ll do it for sure!  Ezra went with Marian & I once and rode a couple (Gemini, Corkscrew).  Tobin wasn’t really interested in anything leaving the ground again but had a blast on everything else!

I didn’t bring my good camera and barely took any pictures but we had a great time.  We decided Kelly could come next year just to hold the camera;)  This was one of the only ones . . .


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