Well, you’ll notice it looks pretty sunny here and everyone is wearing shorts, it’s not because we are in Florida for Christmas, it’s because our family had Christmas in August!  We got there and I realized I had forgotten my camera-seriously, I NEVER forget it!  I keep my little point & shoot one in my bag so I pulled that one out for a few but didn’t take too many.  The cousins all had fun running around outside-the best reason to have Christmas in August:)  The boys golfed in the morning and we grilled hot dogs & hamburgers. And, we opened presents in the sunshine;)



Love this picture of Dakota



Brady hiding behind his new music


Score one for me, do you have any idea how many pictures there are of that wonderful smile??



Ezra quite excited about his new Legos


Little Caleb, our latest nephew


This one just cracks me up!


WARNING-long story here, feel free to skip but I need to document for future generations. . . We also had our now annual husbands vs wives “The 80’s Game” competition, the boys are undefeated, and honestly, we really don’t have a chance!  Between the 3 of them, they can answer ANY sport question in the box, Kelly knows probably every music question, Chris knows a ton of current events (from the 80’s) and Tim rounds out the bunch with lots of random knowledge.  While I know some sport questions, my sisters can’t usually even identify the correct sport that an athlete is in.  I STINK at music questions (Trish rocks but you kind of need someone else to help) and Tara was barely old enough to remember any of it!  This year, we started out really slow and then launched this amazing comeback so we both only needed the 1986 “disk” to win.  We got the last question correct to win, Trish & Tara were screaming with excitement (Tara was yelling “I won the game for us!”) and then Chris pointed out that we answered the television question, NOT the movie question!  Ughh, I read the wrong question:(  So, I had to “draw” the movie “Money Pit”.  The problem was I knew that if Trish & Tara didn’t get it, Kelly would know it for sure and be able to steal it.  So I draw a pit, they guess it, and write ______ Pit and knew that Kelly now knew the answer, THEY NEVER GOT THE REST!  The boys stole it (I think all three knew it) and they won the game . . . AGAIN, almost just like it happened last year.  Just to make fun, they all started yelling with excitement, we were utterly deflated . . . until next year;)

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