What are we crazy!  For some reason our MOPS group is LOADED with boys, I mean they must outnumber the girls 5 to 1, when I bring clothes to pass along from Ez & Tobin, they get snatched up in minutes!

Kashton was visiting and I wanted to take him to the zoo so invited Audra (has 3 boys of her own) and she thought Beth might like to join us too (she has 4 boys, one of which decided to stay with his aunt instead).  So, Mari was hanging out with Alyssa, Noelle & Grandma, and with Kashton with us, I had 3 boys to add to the mix.

This picture cracks me up, see the one on the end, he didn’t want to be in the picture.  Oh, the age range was 18 months to 7 years.


Excited about the prairie dogs


Looking at the turtles



My boys watching the bear


Love these 2 shots for some raeson




I’m admiring the colors-this will make a good scrapbook page!

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