Well, she (Karen Russell) didn’t change my life like Jesus did but she did change my life!  I started following her blog over 3 years ago and then took her Photography class and shortly after that, began a business venture that God has blessed amazingly.  I went from a “wanna-be” photographer to an actual photographer and I’m still surprised that people want to pay me to take their sweet families’ pictures.  Anyway, Karen’s workshop is where it all started and this will be posted in her comments.  See her blog in my blog roll:)  LOVE her-love her images, her way of capturing her children, her “realness” in her blogging, just love her!


So thankful you took the photography class Trenda–for you…for ALL of us who have been blessed by your fantastic photos of our families and friends! Love this one looking up at your three on the Jungle Gym!

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