I had one of those eye-opening, shocking experiences last night.  We had our MOPS steering meeting last night and as part of an ice-breaker we had to pull a coin out of our purse and say what we were doing the year the coin was minted.  Beth’s turn comes-it was 1986 “Well, I was 6 years old so I was probably playing with my best friend Carrie”.  “Wait, you were only 6 years old in 1986?!?”  Ten minutes later (as it REALLY sinks in), “really, you were 6 years old in 1986 (in my head I”m doing the math, born in 1980-I know, tough math), I had already graduated from high school in 1986!”.  Now, it’s not that I thought Beth was older, I just didn’t realize I was THAT old!  And, as I’m writing this I’m realizing that there are kids in Tobin’s class whose parents are probably 20 years younger than me!  Ughhh!  I’m thankful that I still feel young and that our kids keep us feeling young:)

And, a picture (since I can’t post without one!) of our new pet . . .

He’s not actually in the house, but has taken up residence on the window of our laundry room-been there for 3 days:)


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