Another hot, beautiful day!

Taking a break to fire off a couple of rockets-what is it with the male species and their fascination with anything to do with fire or explosions??

Back to beach!  This one’s for you Norma (and yes, they are on the lifeguard chair)

I can’t remember, but I think there was a bribe involved in this shot, you cooperate and give me a real smile and i’ll give you something (but can’t remember what)

Awww, aren’t they lovely:)  My SIL Pam, niece Shelby & MIL Sandy

Ezra was sort of secretly jealous of Joshua’s ripstick ability, finally he got him to help, here they are training-they spent hours together on the last 2 days trying to help Ezra master this. 

Our last off-camp trip was across the lake to the ice cream store.  Marian & I kayaked . . .

Kelly decided that was way too much work so he sailed with Tobin

And, thankfully, our friend John happened to be standing nearby while we were trying to figure out what to do with Ezra.  I knew I couldn’t manage a canoe with Ez & Marian and the kayaks only fit 2, so John decided to go too:)

We closed out our week with the annual talent show, Marian sang the Untitled Hymn (aka Come to Jesus) and made me feel so proud to be her mama.

We had such a great week, sorry it took me 2 months to finally share it with my blog friends!

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