Another day, another sporting competition for Ezra-tether ball was today, Ezra lost every match (because everyone was a foot taller than him).  He was pretty upset but the older kids made him feel better by saying they couldn’t believe how good he was at 7.

We formed a family Portager Challenge team this year (Pam & Kelly with Tobin in the boat, Rob doing the long run, I climbed the wall, Ezra sprinted, Mari swam and we had to build a fire and pop some Jiffy Pop).  It was our first family attempt and we can in 2nd place just after a bunch of teenagers, we were pretty proud

Kelly, Pam & Tobin in the canoe

Pam bringing Ezra in with the firewood sprinting from the wall

And, Pam bringing the matches in that Marian swam to us

Pam pretending like she didn’t want to do the Challenge but I think she secretly wanted to win;)

And, check out this awesome fire my husband made!  (That’s the reason he had to be on the team)

Our team:)

Tobin, Luke & Emily enjoying the spoils

And, a little time for some fishing

While I was taking pictures from the beach, this Monarch was torturing me!  It would not land and open it’s wings-I must have shot 30 pictures of it and just stood there waiting patiently


And, another great day in the books:)


Love the camp photos….actually love ALL your photos, Trenda. You are gifted! Thanks for sharing your life…

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