I LOVE hard cooked eggs and since I’ve been eating dairy & gluten-free, I eat a lot of eggs.  I was honestly pretty intimidated by hard boiling-I just never trusted whether they were done or not and then there always seemed to be broken ones.  And, in my attempt to make sure they were done, they were almost always overdone!  So, I consulted Alton Brown, our favorite cook/scientist-surely he must have the best approach to this dilemma.  My current favorite method is “baking”.  In his book I’m Just Hear For The Food , he has you place the eggs directly on the rack in a cold oven (baking sheet under but I never do), turn the oven on to 325 degrees and set timer for 30 minutes.  Take out (with tongs), and place in an ice bath.  Peel as soon as cool enough to handle.  You can make a couple dozen this way or just a couple.

So, this toaster oven method is adapted from Alton Brown:

Place eggs on toaster oven rack, turn on oven to 325 degrees for 23 minutes.  You can experiment with your own toaster oven, it’s a shorter time in the toaster oven because it heats up more quickly.  This makes the BEST eggs and is so easy!

Ice bath, peel & eat, that’s it:)  I also store mine in the fridge for days.

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