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Our fast growing stick (I mean tree)

Last spring we bought a tree on-line from this fast growing tree company (  It was only $30 and I’m desparate for some shade in the backyard–and you know how patient I am. 

Well, it has been the source of lots of laughs and jokes this summer.  It’s supposed to grow 8-15 feet in the first year I say (with some skepticism in my voice).  When it arrived, it was a stick.  Literally a stick about 6 inches tall with some roots in a bag–not really what I was expecting.  But we enthusiastically followed the directions, watered and put a cage around it.  Seeing a stick with a tomato cage around it in the middle of our yard brought a lot of questions, followed by quite a few giggles:)

Now, it’s fall and it has lost it’s leaves and has returned to its “stick” status–only now the stick is about 5 feet tall!  We’re still hopeful, I think we’re actually supposed to cut the whole thing down in the spring and because the roots grow all winter long, it will more than make up the loss.  I’ll show you what we have next year–I’m hoping for some branches!

Here is the progress . . .




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  3. Wanda Dobbs says:

    I bought two and planted one in Feb. in zone 9 South Mississippi. It was a 2 inch stick and still is. I’m not certain it is still living. I gave the other one to a friend. His is doing about the same thing. I don’t think I will replace it if it doesn’t grow. $30 was a lot for 2 sticks. I will keep you posted.

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