We were so excited to be able to spend some time with our friends Mark & Mary, John, Ben & Lauren.  In case I haven’t mentioned it;), Mary & I are “early mothering” friends, we met when she was pregnant with John, next came Marian, then their Ben, then our Ezra, then Lauren and finally Tobin – all in the span of 4 years.  John was Marian’s first friend and they were able to be in the same Kindergarten & 1st grade class:)  So many memories & stories between our families.  Anyway, they moved a year & half ago and we hadn’t seen them since last Christmas.

We got the big Lego tub out (family Christmas present)

And, since they don’t have snow, they wanted to play outside even though it was less than 2 inches-and with all my spares in the basement, they were all outfitted with boots, gloves & snowpants.  Actually they had their own coats but Johns is ours (a hand-me-down from Evan – our nephew), Ben can wear next year, then Ezra, then Tobin then on to my sister.  That’s the way our coats usually go!  And, Lauren is wearing one of Marian’s old ones!

The boys got to stare with their new Wii game, Marian just can’t understand boys’ infatuation with video games??  Me either!

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