After our Sunday service, Kelly & I rushed home to clean up a bit and get dinner started.  Kim & Ed showed up earlier than everyone else and you know what happens when you show up early to a party-you get put to work.  So, Ed got the lovely task of putting Ezra’s car garage together, which, to my defense, didn’t look that hard-the boys had started it.  It was a bit more complicated but he did a GREAT job!

Evan can’t be over without picking up one of Kelly’s guitars, which started a carol sing-see the next post for a video:)

Time to open some presents, didn’t get many good pix-bummed:(

Not sure I’ve ever captured a smile this big or real from Evan (pretty sure he had just nailed his dad with a paper wad-an ongoing battle between all the boys in the house that started with Ezra and his new nerf football dart.  There was a lot of ball throwing in the house!)

Marian with her new doll, clothes and a sewing machine that Sandy will be teaching her with, they have already made a fleece coat for her!

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