Soon after we arrived we met a new family (first time at camp) and we were all instant friends.

Their youngest within an hour of meeting Marian walks up to her and puts her arms up-Marian was holding her the rest of the weekend.  It was really sweet.

She’s wearing a Superman costume if you’re wondering;)

We made some ornaments, this is Ezra’s creation

Tobin was reunited with his best friend from the summer – Jamison

We made some gingerbread houses

Marian waiting for her turn on the indoor climbing wall

Intense work on a puzzle

More crafts:)

Doesn’t he look like Larry the Cucumber dressed up as rudolf!

Marian got to help lead the singing during the caroling

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I don’t have any pictures of Ezra-he was off playing “ball” games most of the time.

And, I tried to get a shot of all three kids together (with hopes of a picture for Christmas cards)

Seriously, should it be this hard to get three children to look in your general direction all at the same time?

And, after this one I gave up!

Our new friends

And, just before we left, a family picture in front of the tree-not bad I guess


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