Yes, I realize it is now Thanksgiving weekend, but i can’t seem to just skip anything.

Because of the lice problem, we cancelled our annual pumpkin party but did have Issy & Caleb & family over to carve some cool pumpkins.

On Sunday, we met some friends at our annual trip to this great pumpkin farm, last year they added lots of fun stuff, we didn’t want to pay because we couldn’t stay very long, so we got our pumpkins and left (it didn’t look that impressive from the entry gate).  This year we planned more time and I have to say it was actually quite impressive.

This is a giant inflatable trampoline-I would have paid the $8 just for this!



Giant slide, it was kind of like the farmer pulled out the old stuff he had in the back of the barn and created rides

Feeding the goats is always a big attraction

The corn maze was very trampled but still fun

And, our little trick or treaters

Tobin was a bee again and Marian was a lady bug, and Issy was a butterfly, they tried talking Ezra into being a bug but he would have nothing to do with it.  I even suggested a can of bug spray or an exterminator

Nope, ball sport boy was going to be a football player-looks pretty tough doesn’t he;)  I duck taped knee pads to his t-shirt under the shirt.

And, as always, they took in a huge haul!  This year, they got to pick out 20 pieces of candy for themselves (we combine everything and they sort & play with it first) and eat it whenever they wanted – I didn’t want to hear “can I have a piece of candy” 20 times a day.  As expected, Tobin ate all but 3 pieces within about 36 hours but he still has a bag of m & m’s left that he wants Kelly to use to make cookies.  Ezra’s lasted about 4 days (he may have one piece left too), and Marian has a ton left and I believe has now forgotten about it.  We took the rest to a dentist participating in a candy buy-back program, it was about 10 pounds I think!  They ship it off to our troops overseas:)



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