It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, we came home right from school and I cut, then shaved it to a 5.  The next day Kelly shaved it down to a #1.  All the way home from school he was excitedly talking about shaving his curls off.  My only sadness is that he doesn’t want them back:(.  (He probably will when I don’t want him to-you know when he is 14, never wants to shower and smells like a stinky boy!).

Funny story, the first night, he got up at 5:30 in the morning woke me up (I was on the couch because I was having head lice nightmares and couldn’t sleep) saying he had a bad dream.  We went to Kelly and I told him that Ezra had a bad dream (I didn’t want to lay with him and further contaminate his bed as I was convinced I had it bad), Kelly wanted to know what happened to Tobin, “I don’t know, he’s probably in bed, it’s Ezra that had the bad dream”.  Then we hear Tobin giggle, “Mommy, I’m Tobin”.  We got a good laugh out of that!  It’s pitch black in our house at night and the way I tell them all apart is by touching their heads, they all sound exactly alike (even Marian).


Wow! So different! And, what a reason why! A lot has been going on at the Knezek home I gather. Let’s try to catch up soon. Hope all is well now.

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