I guess you’re wondering why Tobin’s curls had to be cut.  We got a call from the school 2 weeks ago-yes, the dreaded head lice call.  Ugghhhh, I honestly can’t believe we have escaped it this long.  And, I’ve decided that one of the reasons it spreads so rapidly is the shame we feel as moms about it-so, I’m on a quest to dispel the shame.  I am Trenda, and my family had head lice;)

Kelly & I feel like resident experts on these critters, we even got Marian’s microscope out to look at them-we tried to make it as light hearted as we could.  So, here are a few facts to share:

  • they like clean hair
  • they attack all socio-economic levels
  • they don’t really harm us at all-except for the annoying itching I guess
  • 30 minutes in a high heat dryer kills them and their eggs-and there are lots of other ways
  • it’s pretty easy to kill the bugs, getting all their eggs is the part that takes time, follow-up & diligence
  • we know a lot about them and when you’re trying to rid yourself of them, knowledge is power!
  • you don’t need to buy the super toxic stuff at the drug store to kill them
  • if you get it, tell everyone so they can be checking their kids too, you don’t want to give it to someone else and then get it right back from them!
I thank God that His hand was mercifully on us, and our case was caught early I believe so it actually hasn’t been awful, there is a wonderful local place whose entire business is checking and treating head lice.  They can give you a wonderful peace of mind, they aren’t cheap though.
So, who has an itchy head?  Probably everyone reading right now;)
So, if you find yourself with these dreaded creatures, just give me a call, between me and all my friends who have had it, we are a wealth of knowledge.
Treatment #1 (Marian was after the boys):
Follow-up treatment #2 (SUPER important!):
We were happy to do the follow-up treatment a week later and find nothing at all:)  It’s still active at their school so we’re still checking but for now, we’ve rid ourselves of these little pests.


I’m sorry to hear about your epidemic. I too, lived thru head lice as a child and more recently it struck while we were on vacation. Fortunately my people dodged the bullet but I did MANY, MANY head checks, preventative treatments of dousing scalps in olive oil, and non-stop rounds of laundry. There is a great place in A2 called Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique and they treat lice with non-chemical treatments and free head checks on Saturdays. Fun times!

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