Well, the kids have been in school nearly a month and I’m finally up to the first day of school.  Pretty big day around here, Ezra going into first grade and going all day, Marian going into 4th and the big shots at school and Tobin starting Kindergarten, we’re so thankful that we have 1/2 day still.  All three kids in one school-the only year this will happen.  Everyone was awake and excited to go:)

The traditional first day pictures, not crazy about the “composition” but now I’m stuck with it so I can compare their heights on the red door.

Tobin is in afternoon kindergarten, so we got the other kids off to the bus-we have about 20 kids at the stop again this year

Then it was Tobin’s turn to get ready

He got a little tired of my pictures

Tobin and his good friend waiting outside the school to go in

They all lined up and went into school and Tobin never even turned around and once again, I didn’t cry-honestly, I guess I just don’t have it in me.  It actually didn’t even choke me up, now if he had been clingy and crying then it might have been a different story.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t doing a happy dance or anything like that.  It’s just where we’re at now and I’ve never been one to mourn the passing of their stages.  It is weird though-more on that in a later post.

And, his first time ever on the bus

Kelly came home to watch them get off the bus-not sure what they are talking about:)

And, a group picture (Tobin was in his pj’s when they left in the morning)

Oh, and Ez doesn’t have shoes on and Tobin’s hair gives him an extra inch so they are actually not the same height, although they are pretty close.

Everyone is adjusting well, I do feel fortunate that the kids inherited my love of school:)

Ummm, Mary, did you cry for me?


Your red door makes for a great backdrop (I’m a huge fan of red doors). Everyone looks darling on their first day of school!

Wow, Trenda, that last pic of all three is definitely a tear-jerker, for me, anyways. They look awesome and so grown up! Missing you guys.

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