I took the kids to Cedar Point . . . the day before school started.  It was with great hesitation and heavily influenced by my friend Heather who was taking her son Noah.  But, I LOVE Cedar Point and we didn’t actually really have anything to do on Labor Day and the first day was only a 1/2 day after all.  I made the deal with the kids that they must sleep on the way home and everyone would be laying down in the afternoon for a nap/quiet time the next day.   I posed the question to my facebook friends as to whether this made me a good mom or a bad mom-I got overwhelming response that I was a great mom.  And, to be honest, they did just fine the rest of the week-with some very purposeful early bedtimes:)

The big questions, would the boys like it as much as Marian & I?  Would Marian ride the Millennium Force?  Would I end up carrying Tobin around the park because he was tired?  Would he be too scared to ride anything?  The answers — yes, yes, no, & yes/no

Tobin was exactly 46″ with shoes so there was a lot he could and a lot he couldn’t ride.  I discovered that even though he was tall enough for many, he was still not quite 5 and was just not ready for some of them.  He went on Disaster Transport-which turned out to be a bit more thrilling (for him) than I remembered and it was not pretty.  We followed that up with a spinny ride that left the ground-he was fine until we left the ground.  So, we didn’t have a great start but he didn’t let that ruin his fun.  We figured out that if it stayed on the ground, even if it was really fast, he was happy with it.  He got brave enough at the end to ride the Jr. Gemini.

This little kiddy ride was Tobin’s favorite

Ezra’s quote “I LOVE THIS PLACE”, he rode the Blue Streak, Iron Dragon, Gemini and lots of other things.  He wasn’t quite ready for the really big ones-although I believe I could have talked him into them but I figured I probably shouldn’t damage him on his first visit.

Terribly blurry picture but LOVE his smile!

Marian had the best situation.  Because Heather & I both love roller coasters, we got a family ride pass which meant that Marian & I would wait in the line (usually 10-30 minutes) while Heather took the boys someplace and then she could get right back on it a 2nd time with Heather going up the “exit” without waiting, great deal for all of us!  She added the Raptor, Wicked Twister, and Millennium Force to her list of rides:)  She would be quite nervous waiting in line but when it was over and I asked her what she thought, “I LOVED it!” was always her response.  That’s my girl!

We had such a great time, we got there at 10am and left at 8:15pm and they did great.  Just might have to do it again next year.  Oh, and Kelly didn’t go-he had a fantasy football draft (zzzzz), we had way more fun!

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