We had a garage sale at the end of August, not so much to make money but to eliminate stuff.  I love going to garage sales but hate having a garage sale-or at least hate the work leading up to it.  But, our house was feeling overrun and with school looming in the near future (and Christmas in August) it seemed like the fastest way to purge!  We actually went through every room of the house (including storage areas), not to the degree we could have but I’ll call it success.  Part of the deal was that the kids would get to buy something new with some of the money, since we were getting them to part with some of their toys.  Oh, and they wanted a lemonade stand.  We decided that the money from the lemonade sales would go to a food bank along with 10 percent of our garage sale funds.  We made just over $300!  And, more importantly, we eliminated at least 150 things from the house:)

So, off to the toy store we went.  They had all been drooling over the PlayMobil catalog since visiting a store earlier and had an idea of what they could agree on.

We don’t have any of this stuff, it’s pretty pricey but very cool so it was a good choice.   They spent almost an hour working together to put it all together!

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