This kid is something else.  Yesterday, he was in quiet time.  He wanted it in the Living Room so I slid the doors closed.  It had been about 5 minutes and I heard the door sliding open-I went over to the door and he looks at me with huge, sad eyes (about to burst into tears), and in a slightly trembling voice he says “I feel lonely”-it was so sad & pathetic.  So, of course, I picked him up and snuggled him — for a few minutes.  We talked and decided on listening to some books on tape for quiet time, it seemed to work.  What does a 4 year old know about being lonely anyway?

Today, he was taking forever to eat his lunch, “I can’t help it, I’m just too distracted by my calendar” (Kelly & the boys had been doing something with it in the morning and it was hanging where he could see it)

He used the word “appreciated” the other day-incorrectly and I can’t for the life of me remember what he meant but he sure isn’t afraid to try.


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