Some of our Christmas traditions end up happening after Christmas-I’m OK with that:)

My sister started this tradition for me, each year I paint/decorate one of those little wooden ornaments and put the kids name, height & weight on it and then each year we compare how much they’ve grown. ┬áThese are actually 2009 ornaments, I literally had their height/weight written on a piece of paper taped to my cabinet all last year and never got to the ornaments (I’m OK with that too!). ┬áSo, did 2 sets this year-Tobin wins the growing prize, 4 inches since last year.

Reading the Christmas books one last time before putting all the stuff away until next year . . .

our annual picture in front of the tree, we always seem to do this 5 minutes before we take it down!


Love the ornaments, glad you’re still doing it! I think we can almost fill an entire tree with just our photo ornaments!

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