The Christmas celebrations are now over and I always think about how we should have done more to focus on Jesus but then I read this lovely sentiment from my friend Karen . . .


i will not settle…

Christmas is so much more than…

no gift in the world is greater than God’s son

i am a child of the creater of the universe

celebrating the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus is a daily privledge

All things I truly believe, the part that struck me the most was how celebrating Jesus is a “daily” privledge, Jesus is the center of my universe all the year through and we try to teach the kids that it needs to be the center of their universe so celebrating Christmas is just a continuation of what happens “daily” in our house (or at least that is the attempt).  And, then I can release myself from some guilt because they definitely know that Christmas is about Jesus and the greatest gift ever given:)

May Jesus fill you in 2011 to overflowing!

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