Kelly had one last vacation day to burn so he took a Tuesday off and we went to Cabelas and the zoo (of course).  I had $175 gift certificate from my 20 year anniversary at the company I work at-pretty nice huh, I could pick from a lot of places but I wanted some hiking shoes and maybe some camping equipment so picked Cabelas.  It’s quite a store, we got my hiking shoes, hiking socks and 3 sleeping bags for the kids.

There are lots of “stuffed” animal displays, Marian wanted to know how they got those fake animals to look so real, Kelly told her they weren’t fake, “I don’t like this store.”  She thought it was a better idea to go see real animals that weren’t stuffed.

A giant camp chair

Off to the zoo, Kelly lured the baby polar bear over with Mari’s scarf-very cool

I’m fascinated with these orangutans-this is the male, a close up of his face with those unusual flaps on the side

we watched them playing for at least 30 minutes


Looks like a fun day. Did you stay to see the lights after dark? They’re fantastic. We were there on Thursday.

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