Weekend three of our month of Christmas celebrations, we had Kelly’s work party.  They have had cuts on this but they are very traditional and still do a big family Christmas party, this years theme was “Magic is in the Air” so there was a magic show, puppet show, roaming magicians, and the favorites-bounce houses and arcade games, Santa, some craft things, and a ton of yummy food and desserts.

Ez & Marian are attached by a bungy and trying to make baskets by pulling each other.  It looked so fun that Kelly and I had to try it:)

Learning some tricks


Watching a Punch & Judy puppet show

Sharing a shake at the “Malt Shop”

And, that evening we had a “grown-up, fancy” Christmas party to go to so Kelly’s parents took the kids overnight:)  We had a wonderful time having dinner together, going to the party and doing some Christmas shopping.

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