This year, we kicked off the Christmas season with a trip to our church camp for a special Sleighbell Family Weekend.  Since it’s a pretty long haul, we decided to get an early start and pull the kids out of school early (I know bad parents).  Nothing says Christmas like a trip to the zoo, we stopped at one on the way-we love the zoo in the winter, we’re the only ones so we practically have the place to ourselves:)  You could get really close to the animals here . . .

Tobin and the bear eyeing each other

I’m not sure safety is their first concern, I’m pretty sure I could have reached into this cage (and got my fingers bit off!)

They had lots of fun activities when we got to camp

They had the indoor climbing wall open, that’s Mari

We sang some Christmas carols, Tobin attached himself to Honeycutt

Camp did look a little different in the winter

On Saturday night, we went to a Victorian parade, it was pretty cool

The parade started with a dog sled team racing both ways through

and culminated with the giant tree (taller than the downtown buildings) being pulled on a sled but these huge beautiful horses.

It was a great way to kick off December!

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