Tobin doesn’t really nap anymore, hasn’t regularly napped in about 1 1/2 years.  Last year during the school year, him & Ez were supposed to nap on Wednesdays because we got home later from AWANA (they did frequently).  Over the summer, no naps at all.  So, when the school year & AWANA started back up, I was about to tell Tobin that he didn’t have to nap but would have to have quiet “book” time in his bed, when he interupted me and said “I only want to take naps on AWANA days”, from years of leadership & negotiation experience, I quickly seized the opportunity:)  The funny thing is, when we think he’ll nap, he doesn’t and when we think he won’t he does-go figure! 

So, after that big set-up, here’s more.  He didn’t nap on AWANA day but the next day he came out of his room from regular quiet time (which isn’t at all quiet for him only for me) with his little Bible wanting me to read it.  I know it seems sweet but he’s only manipulating me to get out of quiet time and I was on the phone with Mary who I never get to talk to anymore.  I told him I’d be happy to read a Bible story after his quiet time, he sadly went back.  A while later Kelly came home and wanted to know where Tobin was, wow he hasn’t come out again and it’s been really quiet.

Found him like this . . .


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