We went on another fall hike and this time got to feed chickadees-it was really cool. My friend Megan and her gang came along and when her mother found out where we were going, she sent bird seed with us, we’re so glad she did.  I, of course, did not feed any-not because I wanted to take pictures but because I have issues with birds and having one land on my hand and peck-seriously, not for me!  Ezra did it one time, flinched and decided it wasn’t for him either.  Tobin wasn’t really into it and can’t hold still long enough anyway.  Marian, the most “skiddish” of our children LOVED it-strange how her brain works:)

Perfect form . . .

waiting . . .

waiting  . . .

finally  . . .

love this backlit shots

not sure what the girls were all talking about, but looked too cute


Marion IS so brave,and patient, too! wow, not sure I could’ve waited for the bird and to be so willing to let it fly down…good for her! Can’t wait to see all of you, only days now!

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