Ezra’s invitation   The cake
 p2095412-adjusted.jpg  Blowing out the candles
 Birthday hat  p2095402.jpg
 p2095422.jpg  Jamming
 With Aunt Kim & Uncle Ed  The Haul
 We had Ezra’s 3rd birthday party last night. It was a small affair with Grandma & Grandpa K, Aunt Pam, Uncle Rob & Evan (Jess & Shelby are in Spain on a Spanish class trip–Ez was very sad that they weren’t going to be there), and Aunt Kim & Uncle Ed came from Grand Rapids–a special treat since they don’t get to see them that often and love to play with them. When I asked Ezra what kind of party he wanted (as in firetrucks, dinosaurs, basketball, trucks,etc.) he simply said he wanted an “orange” party and apparantly he meant it. When we went to the birthday party store (aka Party City) I gave him several choices with varying amounts of orange and all he wanted was the plain orange napkins & plates but I did get an idea from one of the themes and he was excited about having a guitar cake to go along with his “orange” party. I created the invitation from a picture of him playing his guitar that he got for Christmas–I have a lot of fun making these:).  Since it was an orange party, the other kids wore orange too:). He loved the attention, blew out his candles like a pro (first time), and made quite a haul for such a small party.  When we put him to bed he said “I had a good party, didn’t I”.


I did not realize Ezra’s birthday was the day after Kayla’s. Apparently when you are 15 staying home on a Friday basketball night with your family is a fate worse than death. So we did a speed version of Happy Birthday with her happily skipping out the door with her friends. The cake did lure them back after the game though. I made home made ice cream and then turned it into a ice cream birthday cake with Oreo’s, carmel & marshmellow. AWESOME!

Normally we get together with any of the cousins who are available that night and all sing & have cake. Leah who is 5 and Aubrey who is 9 could not imagine missing their party. But they both stopped by later in the weekend to present Kayla with their homemade birthday cards.

Tren, I love the pics & so sorry we missed the party. I have to say though, Ezra looks an awful lot like Troy. Considering neither one of them look like us, how do you think that happened??? The cake was great! Couldn’t have done better myself…well, maybe!

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