Very long overdue but on September 18th our baby boy turned 4 years old.  And, he is still a baby to us-the hair doesn’t help I guess;)

I wasn’t home for his birthday-was out of town for a women’s retreat that I was helping with but Kelly made the day special for him and we had dinner, cake & ice cream the next night.

A cool erector set from us (not sure who wanted this more Kelly or Tobin:))

Mari gave him $10, because ” you know, I had $20 and I wasn’t going to do anything with it anyway”-she is very generous with money

And, Ezra & Marian organized a game of free ball after cake & presents.  It’s a “camp” game where you basically throw balls at each and are frozen when hit until someone hits the person who hit you.

It was a short & small party but Tobin enjoyed it and I’m reminded of how simple things can be for kids-some family, a few presents, cake & ice cream and a ball game!

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