OverallsDayToday is “overalls” day at the Knezeks, we all have them except Kelly. Mari had to get some for Christmas because I have them. Nothing much planned today just the adventure of living in a house with 3 small people. We’ll need to do our grocery shopping, I’m putting together a bag of baby feeding stuff to freecycle (my latest obsession), and I think the freezer needs to be the thing that gets organized this weekend (it’s been bugging me for weeks!), and I’ll try to get a bit scrapbooking in.

This morning Mari told me that Ezra was “talking all the way to the moon” from his crib, “That’s an ‘expression’ I just made up” she says–cute:)


Welcome to the world of blogging! I’ll be checking in on your site and adding it to my favorites list. Love the “overalls” picture.

Hi Frienda!

So awesome to hear from you! Glad all of you are doing well. WE love Southwest MI, but surely do miss our friends. Thanks for the update!



Hi sweet friend, Thanks for sharing – Tobin has grown SO FAST! All the kids are so adorable – just like their folks. Gotta get Kelly some of them there overalls. 🙂 Love that you freecycle – very cool!
Love you,
P.S. Mari cracks me up!

Trenda – What is freecycle? Sounds like something I need to know about. Love the overall’s too. Very impressed at this blogging thing. Looks very professional! Way to go!

hi, really nice photo, be ready for 1st international overalls day November 20 ! celebrating one of the best clothing items for all no matter how old you are !

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