I have 3 sources of recent inspiration to share.  First one is pencillines.com, I’ve been using this scrapbooking sketch site for a couple months and love it.  They have a new sketch inspiration every Sunday so I decided that since Kelly is golfing on Monday nights I would use their sketch to create a layout each week.  Here is my first one! 
And, while I was at the scrapbook store last night Erin (one of the great employees at Scrappy Chic) told me about a photographer’s blog.  I LOVE this site, her photography is amazing, she shoots every day things (lots of kids) from interesting angles, with great lighting, etc.  Check it out — on my blog roll at right.

And, last but not least, Mom (always an inspiration:))came today while Deb is on vacation so I could work.  Thanks Mom!

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