No pix today, of course, there were several times I wish I had brought the camera.  The kids & I went for a bike ride, Mari rode her bike and I pulled the boys in the trailer–we went to a friends house.  It only took 15 minutes, Mari is doing really well.  Then, we went to meet a bunch of people at a local park–we’re doing this rotating park thing on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Let me know if you’re interested:)  Ez & Tobin must have slid down a slide together side by side 25 times (one of the moments I wish I had the camera).  Back home for lunch and to catch the bus.  I picked up Mari & John from school so we could get home to have a playdate with another family.  There were 9 kids over!  Too bad it rained, although I’m glad as we needed it. They had fun playing in the basement.  Kelly made a yummy white chicken & spinach pizza, and to our amazement all the kids at it!  Then I left the house to go to the scrapbook store & Trader Joes and some alone time:)

Funny thing Ezra said: he saw someone mowing a lawn and wanted to know what he was doing — he then said “he must be lawning Mommy”, I think he meant “mowing”:)

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