Taco faceWe had tacos for dinner, one of our kids favorites. The picture is Tobin who did a great job of covering most of his face with various taco toppings.  Kelly handed him a taco in a soft shell, nicely folded–we look over and that apparantly didn’t work for him as he had put it down, let it unfold and grabbed most of the contents and shoved it into his mouth. 

PS I am watching the Superbowl and NY just scored, let it be known that I picked them to win–just ask my Sunday School class:)  I won’t count Brady out. . . ok only 10 seconds left . . . 4th down incompletion . . . I can’t say that I was really wanting NY to win, I just love an “underdog” story.


Tobin looks like such a big boy! Where did his baby face go?


Trenda says: I know, I feel like he’s looking more & more toddlerish!

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