Finally, it feels like spring is here, Mari thought it felt like summer since we didn’t have to wear coats to run errands this afternoon. I think she’s forgotten how warm it can actually get:) We had a fun day today — Mari, Ez & I went to the “Spring” Egg Hunt & Bunny Brunch, my politically correct company can’t use the word Easter after all (more on that later!). It was really fun, they had breakfast, pictures with the bunny (Ez had to sit on my lap and kept a close eye on him), egg walk, live bunnies, coloring, crafts & games. On the way, we spotted a garage sale to stop at–the first one of the season:) Mom stayed home & bonded with Tobin (he really likes Grandma now:)). I then got to go to a Mom to Mom sale alone, what a treat that was–bought a few things. Then Mari & I ran some errands for Mom while she took a nap while the boys did. Then we played outside, cleaned up some gardening beds, and went for a walk.

Oh, I was pitching some balls to Ezra who has a wicked left-handed swing and after missing several, he nailed a line drive between 1st & 2nd base. We both had astonished looks on our faces. I had him switch to right-handed (which he is) and his swing wasn’t quite as strong but finally made solid contact. It was pretty impressive!

Sorry, pictures to come tomorrow–my tech support is still out of town.


Glad you all had fun at the Spring egg hunt. Is it terrible that I refuse to attend because I am offended that they refuse to recognize Easter? I took Anna when she was a baby and the theme was still Easter. Not anymore. Anyway… keep having Ezra hit the ball left handed and he’ll write his own ticket to college on a baseball scholarship. I’m surprise Mark hasn’t tied Cal’s right arm around his back by now. ha ha

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