Yesterday was Mari’s birthday, it didn’t exactly goes as planned. She had been running a low grade fever on Thursday & Friday but I was hopeful that she’d be better. Not quite, she woke up with a 103 fever, we gave her medication and cancelled her morning trip to Jungle Java with Issy and called my parents & sister and told them not to come.  The meds kicked in and we thought maybe she’d be better and at least Kelly’s family could come.  Then at noon it reached almost 104 and no more hope for a party:(  She actually took it really well and was ok with doing it next weekend.  We made brownies (instead of the clown decorated cake that was in the freezer for her party) and made the best of it.  Kelly made her favorites: steak, green beans (frozen) & tator tots, she managed a few bites and some of the brownie–her enthusiasm for all of it was admirable though.  We had her open one of the presents we had, a ceramic pig piggy bank that you paint & decorate.  She was soooo excited.  Afterwards she hugged me and said the sweetest, sincerest thank you.  It almost made me cry, here she missed out on all the fun of her birthday and she was truly grateful for a $7 piggy bank.  In this world where many kids would have been like where is my 10 Wedkins I wanted or the Gameboy like all my friends have, we are so proud of the girl she is:)  Here are a couple pictures of her day. 

 p3296220.jpg  p3296228.jpg
 p3296230.jpg  p3296236.jpg
 p3296243.jpg  p3296254.jpg


Happy Birthday Mari. I hope you’re feeling better. You look beautiful in your birthday pictures despite your fever. See you soon!

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