I don’t care that my hair is gray, truth be told, I’m probably a little bit prideful about how much it doesn’t bother me to have gray hair. However, short hair needs to be cut often, and with my hair being VERY curly … growing out during this time is not a great option. Please envision those older ladies in the salon getting their perms, yes, that is what mine looks like after about 6-7 weeks with this shorty hair cut. I just can’t do that look, maybe in 10-20 years I’ll be fine with it, but not now! I had Mari scissor cut it a couple of weeks ago and it was uneven but ok … as that started to grow out, I needed to take drastic measures. I tried clipping myself but needed Kelly to get involved. He actually did a great job … if this goes on, I’ll use his services in the future. I do look forward to a real cut again someday!

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