It was a big birthday month for us, first my Dad turned 70 – Trish & I decided to fly down to Arizona to surprise him, it didn’t take much convincing for me, as I was in a perpetual state of coldness! I have no idea how, but my Mom kept it a secret – you should have seen his face (and heard what he said) when we appeared on their back patio!

Dad had already planned a boat trip on Canyon Lake, Aunt Ginny & Uncle Mike have a place in the same neighborhood and Aunt Betty & Uncle Gary were visiting as well.

I wasn’t really looking that forward to sitting in a boat for 4 hours, I’d rather be hiking these canyons but it was really fun

We went to a spring training baseball game, it was 90 degrees, we had perfect seats in the shade, it was glorious!  Mom’s cousin got us the tickets and we went out to dinner with them too.

Aren’t they adorable!

Oh, I love it out there!

The other reason I came, Slickables in Tempe . . . choose your own homemade cookies, choose your ice cream and make an “out of this world” ice cream sandwich!

I only chew gum when I’m flying, the kids never really chew it – I know I’m weird but I don’t care for the sugar (the boys have bad teeth) or the chemicals in the sugar-free stuff. I saved 3 pieces of Bubble Yum (or something like that) for the kids. What I didn’t anticipate was the hilarity of them having no idea how to blow bubbles! It took a long time but Mari & Tobin finally were able to make small ones, Ez – never even got a small one!

We celebrated Kelly’s birthday

And, Mari’s birthday, she had a Sound of Music theme this year, can’t believe we have a teenager!

I took this picture and then made a silhouette for the cake and some games for her friend party


We had Shamrock shakes (of course)

And, not sure how, but we somehow escaped all dioramas . . .  until this year. I quickly decided that Grandma Sandy would love to work on this with him, she loves to play with the Cricut, and so does Tobin. Check out how cool it is!


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