Hooray, a snow day

150202_snowday_003150203_snowdaysledding_060 150203_snowdaysledding_068  150202_snowday_033 150203_snowdaysledding_029 150203_snowdaysledding_063

We meet Trish in the middle for some bowling & ohhh, shamrock shakes150219_bowlingshamrockshakes_027 150219_bowlingshamrockshakes_054 150219_bowlingshamrockshakes_062 150219_bowlingshamrockshakes_077

some highlights from Ezra’s ping pong party


150222_ezrabirthdayparty_122150222_ezrabirthdayparty_013 150222_ezrabirthdayparty_086 150222_ezrabirthdayparty_091

Kelly, of course, won the tourney (him & Ezra in the final)150222_ezrabirthdayparty_097

Uncle Rob won the best decorated ping pong ball (and those are Ezra’s dirty names, not Robs)150222_ezrabirthdayparty_112

Grandpa aggressively missing the ball, one of my all-time favorite pictures!150222_ezrabirthdayparty_119

The birthday boy, love that smile!


Tobin’s trip to the Capital

150223_capitalfieldtrip_009 150223_capitalfieldtrip_022

And, check this out, there is a style of photography call Tilt Shift or miniature photography — you can buy a special lens or you can “fake” it, this was shot from up high overlooking the House of Reps room, isn’t it cool, I wasn’t even trying! Those are all full size desks and such:)150223_capitalfieldtrip_024

Ezra played indoor soccer


And, these are terrible images but it’s so rare that I actually get him scoring



150228_ezraindoorsoccer_025150228_ezraindoorsoccer_026 150228_ezraindoorsoccer_027

You can see the yellow ball in the back of the net150228_ezraindoorsoccer_028

And, Tobin, seriously, what else could he fit in his bed! 150228_tobinsleeping_001 150228_tobinsleeping_003


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