Not even going to explain or make excuses . . .

We had field day at Ez & Tobin’s school, I got to take “official” pictures for the yearbook:)

141002_FunRun_116 141002_FunRun_084 141002_FunRun_055

Our awesome pumpkins!

141006_PumpkinHarvest_020 141006_PumpkinHarvest_006 141006_PumpkinHarvest_002

The kids made a zip line

141010_John CarolineFamily_019 141010_John CarolineFamily_005

There was lots of soccer



I love the fact that they will still play kid things together (and had to document it for future proof)141014_SophiaSenior_002

Kelly lost his job of 20+ years, and we trusted in God’s provision, Kelly is blessed with very marketable skills so it didn’t take long to find a new job, so very thankful. Here’s his headshot for Linked In.


I did 21 photo shoots in October so brought the kids with me on one of them and got some shots of them (I made the boys wear nice things on top but they have sweatpants on;)

141016_KidsAtPark_008  141016_KidsAtPark_077 141016_KidsAtPark_072 141016_KidsAtPark_029 141016_KidsAtPark_161 141016_KidsAtPark_153 141016_KidsAtPark_192 141016_KidsAtPark_258 141016_KidsAtPark_250 141016_KidsAtPark_249

Multiple times a day I get to see this tree in our neighborhood, it reminds me of God’s creativity and His deep, deep love for us (He could have just made everything grey you know!)


We take a road trip to watch Grif play football


And, hit a state park on the way

141017_StatePark_009 141017_StatePark_003  141017_StatePark_030 141017_StatePark_012 141017_StatePark_042  141017_StatePark_050 141017_StatePark_053

Mari used a lawn mover for the first time!


And, there was leaf pile fun


Our new basketball hoop finally got set up:)

141027_NewHoop_016 141027_NewHoop_019 141027_NewHoop_020

And, we had our sometimes annual pumpkin party

141030_PumpkinCarving_010 141030_PumpkinCarving_022 141030_PumpkinCarving_036

Meet Dorothy, Luigi & a dolpin


Who knows, maybe I’ll even do November, 2014 soon;)

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