Not sure what I was thinking about being able to do 12 months in 12 days but I’m not giving up yet.  Here is what was happening in September:)

Mmmm, we had beautiful roma tomatoes this year!


First day of school, and yes, Ezra is wearing glasses, but only at school

140902_FirstDaySchool_010 140902_FirstDaySchool_007

Tobin making his Lego “8” at Ezra’s soccer game140906_EzraSoccer_018 140906_EzraSoccer_044

Mari tried out for a production of The Sound of Music, and needed a headshot – she got a part in the ensemble and LOVED it


There was a lot of soccer, Ezra was blessed to land on a rec team that is fantastic and we just love the coach, he’s serious about soccer but even more concerned about developing character & good sportsmanship in these boys. This shot is Ezra in net making a stop140906_EzraSoccer_022

Ez is in black/red and about to score



Their team won a tournament at the end of September.


Grandma & Grandpa got to see some of the tournament too140927_EzraSoccer_018140927_EzraSoccer_142

Took this pic with my phone of Tobin “shooting” Ezra


Tobin played also


#7 about to score


That’s him with his hands in the air after;)


Mari on a shoot with me — love the young lady she is, such an amazing 12 year old, beautiful inside & out!


At a park

140923_EzTobinPark_081 140923_EzTobinPark_072 140923_EzTobinPark_068 140923_EzTobinPark_060 140923_EzTobinPark_046 140923_EzTobinPark_041

Tobin had a Lego birthday party

140920_TobinBirthdayParty_150 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_137 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_136 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_124 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_121 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_070

We had a team Lego building contest, each team had a stack of Legos and had 3 minutes to create — pretty fun, of course, my team won, only because my BIL (an architect & all around creative guy) was on my team!

140920_TobinBirthdayParty_056 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_036 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_011 140918_TobinBirthday_007 140918_TobinBirthday_003

Our giant melons turned out to be 3 beautiful pumpkins!  It’s still a mystery — either, the plants were labeled incorrectly or squirrels planted seeds in our sandbox??



A fun & full month!

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