The boys love after school science, this month they made volcanos

140315_Volcanos_001 140315_Volcanos_006

Kelly had a birthday

140323_KellysBirthday_050 140323_KellysBirthday_017

We had lunch with some family & friends to celebrate


Cool woodpecker


Andy helped us tap our maple tree, and some of the neighbors got involved too.140325_Woodpecker_015 140325_Woodpecker_014 140325_Woodpecker_010 140325_Woodpecker_004

It was not a great sugaring season this year, and we got a late start so we didn’t get a lot but we’ll try again next year.


And, Mari had a birthday too, we had a “garden” party


She was very excited to get a whole stack of Trixie Belden books

140329_MariBirthday_062 140329_MariBirthday_053 140329_MariBirthday_046 140329_MariBirthday_033 adj

We even made garden stones

140329_MariBirthday_027 140329_MariBirthday_022

I was pretty proud of the cake!


And, that wraps up March 2014.

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