We made super cute valentines for the boys, with pencils attached and for the first time, Marian didn’t make any-hmm, not sure if I was relieved or sad about this?


Valentines Day after school snack — sometimes I’m really good;)


Ezra turned 9, I posted the Olympic party right after his party, see Ezra Olympic Party Post


Love these pictures of him, and adore those freckles & very subtle dimples140213_EzraBirthday_026

We went trampoline jumping, well, they did, not me.

140213_EzraBirthday_078 140213_EzraBirthday_072 140213_EzraBirthday_066

I think this was a planned no school day, so we had extra kids over.  Boys being boys . . .140217_6Kids_026

And, I made them do some reading (just for the quietness!)140217_6Kids_034

Mari did a great job entertaining Natalie


And, Trish & Troy came out for a visit (Trish loves to read and Tobin loves to snuggle & be read to!)


No idea what is happening here, some sort of ball chasing I imagine



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