Well, another attempt at catching up . . . Jan 1-Jan 8 we were in Arizona, and as we were basking in the fabulous sunshine, our friends back home were experiencing ALOT of snow and the “arctic blast”, it was a wonderful week to be away!

Some favorite shots of the week

We hiked almost every day

20140101_ArizonaVacation_077 20140101_ArizonaVacation_096 20140101_ArizonaVacation_106 20140102_ArizonaVacation_163 20140102_ArizonaVacation_171 20140102_ArizonaVacation_188 20140102_ArizonaVacation_192 20140103_ArizonaVacation_599

Love this one of Mom & Marian:)


And, this is actually much scarier than it looks.  20140104_ArizonaVacation_741

We were outside of Sedona looking for the Devils Arch trail, it was not well marked and while we weren’t “lost” exactly, we were definitely not on the right trail (and not on a trail at all!).  Beneath that brush line in the picture was a huge drop off.  I freaked out after awhile and we turned back, I was praying the whole time.  The worst part, we never got to see the amazing view and feel like we need to go back!


Horseback riding with Ez, Mari & Dad

20140106_ArizonaVacation_897 20140106_ArizonaVacation_902 20140106_ArizonaVacation_909

And, we ended the week traveling to Hoover Dam, which was awesome but we also liked the beautiful Black Canyon.  This was an old railway trail–we were convinced we would see a Mountain Goat!  We didn’t, continuing our sad trend of not seeing any animals in the wild;0.


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