June 2o15 highlights

Just can’t give up, so 2 1/2 years behind but perhaps this january I’ll catch it up!

We had some fun year end school activities. Dugan is wearing my bomber jacket from 1985 as Charles Lindberg;)

Did you know that James Vernor was a pharmacist?

I got to get on the school roof for this picture of the boys’ entire elementary school!

Ez had a super fun 4th grade party with all kinds of acrobatic games

And, his first time on a uni (little did we know!)

Tobin’s year end party had a giant sundae (I don’t think it was that appealing!


Tobin wanted to dress up for his last day

And, this was Mari at the end of the day

Ezra doing the 4th grade walk-out, he wouldn’t look . . . I got a little teary knowing that it was our last year there (8 years at that school) because Tobin & Ezra were both going to a different school next year.


We celebrated the last day at the pool club with pizza!


Got the Citiblocs out

Ezra played some baseball

And, some soccer

And, Tobin played some soccer too.

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