August 2o14 Highlights

Welcome to another month of highlights!

We had a family reunion, I have a big family.  This is my Dad’s side of the family, really maybe not quite half of them:).  And, only my Dad & his sibs and their kids & grandkids — no great aunts & uncles and extended stuff, they are all direct descendants of my Grandpa (or married into).  My Mom’s side of the family is even bigger;)



My lovely niece Ashley was there — and she sometimes reads my blog:)


My cousin Karen gave up her fight with cancer last spring (today is actually her birthday). We did a balloon launch as a remembrance for her.140802_FamilyReunion_061 140802_FamilyReunion_015

The “after party” back at the family farm


We then had 6 days without kids!  WHAT!  Marian was at Camp and the boys were with my sister. Kelly still had to work, so I had some alone time.  I spent some time with God and His amazingly beautiful creation.



Do you ever realize His love for us in the way He gave us such beauty!

I played a round of golf with Debbie:)


Kelly took a day off and we went kayaking and exploring140807_WeekNoKidsAC_035

We happened upon a park with a butterfly garden and this is why I HATE not having my real camera with me, blurry, grainy pictures!


Then we headed towards the kids and did a little golfing on the way there


And . . . came back with 5 kids! Alyssa & Kashton got to hang out with us for the week.  We had VBS, we had a Bible marketplace – it was so much fun!



We went to our favorite village, and because I thought 5 wasn’t enough, we invited Emma & JC to come too.  My MIL Sandy was kind enough to come too

140814_AlyssaKashtonVisit_175 140814_AlyssaKashtonVisit_173 140814_AlyssaKashtonVisit_147

We spent some time at the pool


A rare capturing of Kashton on camera!


And, the zoo

140813_AlyssaKashtonVisit_093 140813_AlyssaKashtonVisit_091 140813_AlyssaKashtonVisit_074 140813_AlyssaKashtonVisit_069

Of course, I put them to work harvesting some green beans (oh, there were sooo many!)140812_KashAlyssaVisit_011

We bought an in-ground basketball backboard/hoop, the boys helped to dig the hole140816_BlakeDaniFamily_385

It was really hot!  They decided to set up some shade and then Tobin said they needed cold water and I came out to this;)


Tobin did take his turn.  And, yes, they are digging with plastic cups — they couldn’t find anything else to get into the narrow post hole 140816_HoleDigging_001

Trying to use the post hole digger didn’t work for them


Brady gave a concert, he was great!

140817_BradySenior_432 140817_BradySenior_433

We watched American Ninja Warrior, and they all had daily ninja training (Mari took these pics)140819_untitled_067 140819_untitled_071

Mari had junior high orientation!  Mary, if you are reading this — still didn’t cry. She is so excited to go!


We spent more time at the pool

140824_GaelicFootball_239 140824_GaelicFootball_236

And, the boys played Gaelic football every Sunday afternoon140824_GaelicFootball_079 140824_GaelicFootball_045 140824_GaelicFootball_031

And, we headed to America’s Roller Coast for the day


Ez & Mari are up there


Mari & I finally worked up the courage to do Top Thrill Dragster – it was AWESOME!140828_CedarPoint_003140828_CedarPoint_012

In order to combat the wretched headache I got last year, I prepped by over hydrating the day before, getting a drink band so I could rehydrate all day long (mostly water but some lemonade & gatorade too).  And, took 2 rounds of preventive ibuprofen.  I know, a normal person just might give it up, but this girl loves her roller coasters!.  The day was fab, Tobin & Kelly both actually rode roller coasters, the Gatekeeper was Tobin’s favorite and really no lines.  Apparently, I’m now too old to go as hard as I used to, but that’s probably better for my family anyway.  They were laughing at me all day when I shared one of my old rules of Cedar Point with them (#1 Must get there before park opens and stay until they kick you out, #2 No kiddie rides, they take time away from coaster riding).

It was a great way to wrap up summer!

July 2o14 Highlights

July brought more fun & adventures, another trip to our favorite historic village with Marci & kids

140731_Village_110 140731_Village_025 140731_Village_032 140731_Village_033 140731_Village_044 140731_Village_057 140731_Village_061

The final baseball game, one of the families got a new puppy – Mari was on cloud 9140708_EzraBaseball_004 140708_EzraBaseball_011 140708_EzraBaseball_014

Coach & son:)


Swim season was in full swing. This year, Ezra moved up to the 9/10 year olds and did well, still in the “point” heats even though he was only 9.

140709_PoolFloatNight_006 140709_PoolFloatNight_018

It all clicked for Tobin, Ethan got him breathing at the side and he actually won 2 races at one of the meets!  Looking forward to him still being able to swim “8 & under” next year:)

140709_PoolFloatNight_026 140709_PoolFloatNight_038 140710_SwimMeet_005 140710_SwimMeet_020

Mari this year figured out how to use those long limbs and has an effortless looking stroke. She just LOVES to swim!140710_SwimMeet_024 140710_SwimMeet_062140710_SwimMeet_066 140710_SwimMeet_067

140726_Camp_1017 140726_Camp_1018 140726_LeagueMeetAC_005

We celebrated Christmas in July with my family140719_ChristmasinJuly_013 140719_ChristmasinJuly_016 140719_ChristmasinJuly_032 140719_ChristmasinJuly_048 140719_ChristmasinJuly_057 140719_ChristmasinJuly_071 140719_ChristmasinJuly_089 140719_ChristmasinJuly_108

Kush really excited about a chicken!

140719_ChristmasinJuly_124 140719_ChristmasinJuly_145

New rip stick for Tobin


Ashley & Andrew — now engaged:)


The girl granddaughters (only one from each family) – we have a lot of boys!

140719_ChristmasinJuly_211 140719_ChristmasinJuly_216 140719_ChristmasinJuly_227 140719_ChristmasinJuly_228

One of Mom’s lovely garden beds


On the scavenger hunt


Cousins playing 4 square


And, our garden flourished!  We had more dill than you could believe, I guess this butterfly liked it.

140725_GardenHarvest_007 140725_GardenHarvest_010

Check out the beans!  Our neighbor girl would come over and harvest with me:)

140730_GardenHarvest_017 140730_GardenHarvest_018

At this picture, we still weren’t sure what this was.  I had planted melon but the fruit growing seemed too big – more on that in later posts


And, once again, the tomatoes and carrots were great, even with the later start.140730_GardenHarvest_026

And, that wraps up another month:)

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