Camp 2o14

Oh, this is making me want some warm weather!  It will be another long post with loads of pictures:)


Thanks Josh for bringing some height to our family!


Kelly took this shot of Tobin, love it


Marian & I on the kayak (on the way back from getting ice cream on the other side of the lake).140704_Camp_939

Camp is full of boys, boys who like the same things as Ez & Tobin, one of those things is American Ninja Warrior.  Here, they are doing some “training”


Tobin is a pretty amazing climber

140704_Camp_911 140704_Camp_906

We think this boy could actually be an American Ninja Warrior contestant, he painted himself like this and then did the “make yourself horizontal on the flag pole” thing -bummed I didn’t see it or get a picture of it.


Snack break



Camps version of carnival rides, Marian had this great smile on her face the entire week:)


Love this one of Grandma & Marian (look for it in the Camp brochure)


Nail painting time with cousins


So many fun things to do at Camp, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to choose!


Marian on the high ropes course, she does it like it’s no big deal!


Have to get a couple of games of whiffle ball in — thanks to Jim for always bringing the stuff, Ezra & I LOVE to play!


Love this shot of Tobin & Evan


And, then everyone wanted on


Meet Kevin Jr, a giant snapping turtle that found it’s way into our swim area-not really safe with small children.  The staff decided they must capture and move him to a different location.


The capture was hysterical to watch — it took a long time, there was a lot of screaming, I guess it’s not that easy to catch a giant snappy turtle


The turtle capture happened right after the Portager (relay team canoeing, running, climbing, sprinting, swimming, making fire & popping Jiffy Pop.  We struggled again to make the fire, there’s always next year.

140703_Camp_437 140703_Camp_413  140701_Camp_382 140701_Camp_372

A new activity this year called “crate stacking”.  Just exactly what it looks like, you stack milk crates working your way up to the ceiling.  Google it and you can see a video.  Mari & Ezra both went right up as high as possible.  And, yes, the staff has to toss the crate up to you!

140701_Camp_1049 140701_Camp_1040

Tobin didn’t get quite as high-I think to 11


Making tye-dye shirts


Making s’mores in the new fire pits at the new balcony area-a great addition to Camp


140701_Camp_1008 140701_Camp_1005

So, this picture just makes me laugh!  Tobin reminds me of Kelly so much here, coffee cup in hand, he wanted hot chocolate every day, pretty sure just so he could carry the cool cup around like Daddy, he would go ask for a cup from the Coffee Shop (free) and then drink the free hot chocolate from the cafeteria.  We had to have a discussion about how those cups cost money and they are for the people who pay for the coffee drinks, we decided it was the right thing to donate to the coffee shop to cover the cup cost.140630_Camp_245

We have a launcher again on the water trampoline.  Oh, the kids had fun with this. This is Tobin


The staff does such a great job planning activities, this was Braveheart or Capture the Flag??


Kelly playing in the Staff v Camper soccer game (we won-I think?)

140629_Camp_172 140629_Camp_155

More climbing, both boys made it to the top this year, hmm, can’t remember if it was their first time??

140629_Camp_126 140629_Camp_116 140629_Camp_112 140629_Camp_101 140629_Camp_096

Lots of swimming

140629_Camp_075 140629_Camp_053 140629_Camp_050

On Monday, they do a swim test.  Tobin was nervous and didn’t want to try, I was pretty certain he could do it (been swimming laps for swim team for 2 weeks).  He found Jake and asked him what he had to do.  Swim 100 meters (I think) and then tread water for 2 minutes. . . . “oh, I can do that!” and off he went to do it;)140629_Camp_044

Fourth of July fun

140704_Camp_888 140704_Camp_886140704_Camp_826

Love this place where families grow closer, memories are made & most importantly, God is honored!


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